Networks and telecommunications

Communications networks are a vital part of any company, they are your multi-service “engine” to integrate all systems including voice, data, image, security, and IoT. In other words, any system that requires connectivity, needs a connectivity solution.

Avanti21 is committed to the optimisation of networks and telecommunications and offers your company the best possible cabling solutions. We transform them into cutting-edge, technological business areas, capable of addressing any need or eventuality.

Network and communications audits

Network and telecommunication audits allow us to understand the current state of a client’s information systems. They perform on two different “tracks”; the preventive element track which anticipates possible problems and the informative track’ which tells us all about our current situation. We do this is to highlight the constant evolution in infrastructure regarding technological improvements, digitisation and, most importantly, competitiveness.

General Purpose Structured Cabling

Our experience in network cabling installation and infrastructure, both in fibre optics and copper, allows us to provide added value to the solutions we offer. This infrastructure must be the “racetrack” on which all business information systems “perform”.

From high-performance implementations through to data centre design and data cabling installation, we provide cutting-edge solutions in line with the requirements of each client.

We build the future with you, offering your organisation tailor-made connectivity solutions.

Wireless business solutions (wifi)

Wireless solutions are in high demand, thanks to the mobility they provide at all levels, but they require expert design and implementation.

At Avanti21 we design, implement and provide maintenance for high-performance wireless networks, both for internal use, and for point-to-point and multipoint radio links, as well as to cover IT/OT equipment.

Our solutions based on mobility architecture from world-class manufacturers allow wireless networks to compete with wired connections in terms of performance, warranty and security, offering the benefits of mobility, productivity, and life-cycle cost superior to a traditional LAN.

Collaborative communications

Avanti21 is proud of its extensive experience, spanning over more than 25 years, in helping companies deploy, use and make the most of collaborative communication tools and devices to improve and drive productivity, consequently achieving higher levels of user satisfaction.

Microsoft’s IP telephony, IP intercom, multimedia and collaboration systems are part of our portfolio of solutions in networks and telecommunications.

IP video systems/Artificial Intelligence

The growing need for flexible and intelligent IP video infrastructure viewing, handling and management is constantly evolving. Companies seek the implementation of the latest technology so that their operations are safe and more efficient, seeking not only intrinsic security, but also the protection of people and processes.

Human capabilities can simply no longer manage the amount of CCTV and industrial image data that is generated, so we must rely on technology and have forensic analysis and video management tools at our disposal that provide us with flexibility, quality, and operation and integration with our productive tools.

Our proposals are endowed with artificial intelligence functionalities and advanced analysis and learning capabilities.

Industrial digitalisation. IT/OT convergence

When we speak of Industry 4.0 or the digitisation of the industrial world (OT), we refer to the improvement of production processes in order to contribute to the optimisation of costs, effectiveness, and efficiency and industrial productivity, with the aim of increasing business competitiveness.

Throughout this digitisation process, Avanti21 provides expert advice, and the design and implementation of convergent solutions with today’s IT world.

Communications and systems have been growing and developing in parallel with IT (Information Technologies) and OT (Operation Technologies). Now is the time to join forces and digitally transform companies to be more competitive.

Win the race, and take first place on the podium with Avanti!