Managed services

Support or strategy. It's up to you.

The objectives of the IT Department, with its vast expertise regarding corporate systems, should be oriented towards the digital transformation of your business and the constant development of the people and the processes. Avanti21 will be your IT partner, joining you in this challenge, guiding you on your digital transformation journey, and making sure that everything you need is just within reach.

IT leads business evolution

We offer our clients a wide range of IT outsourcing services for companies whose objective is to facilitate the evolution of people, processes and technology from a results-oriented strategy aligned with your business.

We have the know-how.

Our long history and extensive know-how acquired from working on complex projects and through providing expert services to large accounts, public administration and the SME segment, mean we are the real-deal.

You will have at your disposal our catalogue of technological outsourcing services and we adapt to your needs, accompanying you throughout the digital transformation process.

From our technical office, with specialists in project and service management, we will study your company’s degree of digital maturity and establish a roadmap with the most appropriate IT outsourcing services to achieve the objectives you set for yourself, aligning them as always with your business needs.

In addition, we are ready to take on any technological challenge that you may throw our way and we’ll find the best technical solution aimed at maximizing the return on investment and cost savings.

Our approach to Managed IT Services

We use technology as a facilitator and place the client’s business at the centre of the service and decisions, orienting processes towards results and accompanying your employees as they adopt new skills. All of this comes framed within quality standards and operational excellence.

Managed Services in IT departments can be dealt with using a full or modular approach, meaning, we are capable of carrying out total or partial outsourcing of your company’s IT management services.

We focus on people, processes, and technology. We strive to offer our clients the most suitable service levels that allow us to always guarantee the best results in contracted services.

The Avanti21 Managed Services Centre adapts to the needs of each client. You can contract just the services you deem necessary to cover your needs from the IT outsourcing catalogue, resulting in a service which is completely aligned with your business and appropriate to your degree of digital maturity at all time.








Estrategia y control

Perfiles multidisciplinares
Cercanía al cliente
Optimización de costes

Modelos adaptados

24x7 | 12x5 | 8x5




Characteristics of our IT outsourcing for companies

  • Flexible service modes: 24×7 | 12×5 | 8×5
  • Adapted services: Service Desk, Monitoring, Systems and Network Administration, Cybersecurity.
  • Attention to end users with highly qualified multidisciplinary operational teams working within the framework of ITIL best practices.
  • High percentage of first level resolution.
  • First party tools, client tools or third party tools.
  • Expert profiles in the capture of knowledge and technological transformation, certified in project and service management, which exponentially reduce delivery and provisioning times.
  • Comprehensive outsourcing, body-shopping or extension of your IT team with dedicated or shared dedication.
  • 100% oriented to your business and cost savings with technology as a driving force.