Cloud services

Cloud computing services allow providers to make IT infrastructure, platforms, or software applications available to customers through the internet, and bill said services as recurring subscriptions.

In other words, customers no longer have to worry about buying, installing, and managing hardware, operating systems and/or applications in their own data centres. Nor will they have to worry about dedicating part of their staff resources to maintenance and installation.

In addition, cloud technology is highly configurable, which allows clients to respond to peaks or troughs in activity by rapidly resizing the contracted services, whether this be an upward or downward shift. A world away from the traditional infrastructures that companies bought in advance, incurring a significant economic outlay and which were often oversized to absorb moments of high workloads.

This allows clients to free up both financial and staff resources, instead dedicating these assets to commercial and industrial activity.

At Avanti21 we provide such cloud management services so that our clients can focus on what they do best, the management of their company. We specialise in Microsoft cloud services such as AZURE and MICROSOFT 365.


Infrastructure as a service (laaS)

Computing resources, data storage and networks.

In the case of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft offers the infrastructure (servers, storage, and firewall, in one or more data centre) and the client is responsible for the rest (operating systems and/or application servers and/or application).

Platform as a service (PaaS)

Operating systems, application servers and database administration software are added to the previously mentioned resources of computing, and data and network storage, thus relieving the customer of having to manage these resources.

In the case of Microsoft Azure, Microsoft offers the infrastructure (servers, storage, and firewall in one or more CPDs, Windows or Linux operating systems, development tools, database administration tools, application servers, BI tools, etc.). The client would only be responsible for applications.

Software as a service (SaaS)

Operating systems, application servers and database administration software are added to the previously mentioned resources of computing, and data and network storage, in addition to applications, thus relieving the customer of having to manage these resources. The client would only run contracted applications.

Microsoft 365

A clear example of Software as a Service (SaaS) in Microsoft is Microsoft 365 with its email services, file storage, Teams meetings, etc. The client merely contracts a certain number of licenses to use Microsoft 365 and, depending on the license they contract, they gain use of the tools described and many others, without worrying about the ins and outs of running these tools, for it is Microsoft who take full charge.

Depending on the type of license contracted, you can enjoy web or desktop applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and other applications such as Teams, Sharepoint, or Yammer.

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Avanti21 Cloud Services

Avanti21’s cloud computing services include the design and dimensioning of the resources to be hired, and the contracting of those resources, plus the installation, configuration and administration during this time of the operating systems and/or application servers and/or applications, leaving the client free to focus on their business.

We can also audit the use of services and capacity management, as well as the security of the contracted services, recommending and implementing measures to increase security in the cloud environment, and defining policies for safe use, and double authentication.

Business continuity plans

Nowadays, it is common practice to use cloud services to implement contingency plans.

Avanti offers its strategic consulting services for the design, contracting and implementation of the cloud services necessary to guarantee business continuity through the design and implementation of a detailed logistics plan of how the company should recover and restore its critical functions, partially or totally interrupted, within a predetermined period after an unwanted interruption or disaster in the information systems.

This includes the following options:

  • Contracting storage in the Azure cloud or in the Synology cloud to use as a backup repository and the configuration of the client’s backup systems and applications to use these services.
  • Hiring Azure backup services should the customer not wish to buy the backup applications.
  • Purchasing Azure Site Recovery to automate disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS). Through this option, we automate the start-up of virtual machines from copies made to the Azure cloud of our physical or virtual systems, drastically reducing our company downtime in the event of serious contingencies.
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ERP in the cloud

Avanti21 distributes the cloud version of ERP Sage 50, an integrated accounting and business management solution with Office 365 connectivity and multiple plugins that extend its functionality.

This allows you to control your company from anywhere in the world with Sage 50c, combining the effectiveness of a desktop application with online collaborative tools, such as integration with Office 365.

  • More freedom to work how, when and where you want.
  • More control over your company to make smarter, faster decisions.
  • Increased productivity means you get more done in less time.
  • Information Sharing: Working with your accounting advisor is easier than ever before thanks to information sharing with Sage Babel.
  • In addition, you will be able to access key company information safely from any device. Sage 50c backs up your data in the cloud, giving you peace of mind knowing your business is protected no matter what.
  • Sage Contact: you will have access to your clients or supplier’s key information, such as contact information, accounts, files, and any recent transactions directly from Outlook without even having to open the application.
  • Microsoft cloud storage: Sage 50c integrates with Office 365 so you can store copies of your documents on OneDrive. Wherever you are, you can access what you need from any device: mobile, tablet, or laptop. You can also use Onedrive as a destination for your application backups.
  • Fully prepared for VAT compliance.
  • Plugins: expand functionality with Prestashop’s link modules, bank reconciliation, document management, client communication, electronic invoicing, complete management of GDPR, Series, Services, sizes and colours, POS, and Traceability.
  • And let’s not forget, the best support available: In addition to the Sage 50c support team, Avanti21 will be on hand to offer their product knowledge for unbeatable security.